Learn the secrets of Sizzling Hot Marriages

Marriage and Family Therapist Joseph L. Follette, Jr. shares with couples that they can have a passionate marriage by being great lovers. This book shows individuals how to be great lovers and how to return to love throughout the ups and downs of married life. It contains specific instructions how to reconnect after an affair or adultery. Sizzle Mindset contains encouragement for couples dealing with pornography or sex addiction. It shows you how to rebuild trust when the trust is broken.

To have a great marriage one must be a great lover. Being a great lover often requires having been greatly loved by ones parents or caregivers growing up. Unfortunately many miss out on this living example of love. This book teaches individuals who may not have had a good example how to be great lovers.

This straight to the point guide to enriching your marriage and sex life offers helpful perspectives and strategies that you can use now to make a difference in your marriage. Extracted from years of clinical, personal and pastoral experience, you will find that these secrets really work. You will learn how to keep your marriage fresh and exciting. This marriage help book will make a difference in your marriage because it will help you be different. It is also a Bible study for couples to learn from the source of marriage. This is a self- help guide for becoming a better lover.

Written by Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Joseph L. Follette, Jr.


Learn the Seven Secrets to keep the passion alive in your marriage

  • Learn how to stop arguing and build a happy marriage
  • Practical advice to bring you closer together
  • Learn how to improve your emotional connection
  • Learn how to talk through an affair or porn addiction
  • Get motivated to do something different in your marriage

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Need more passion in your marriage? Most couples start out flaming hot but over time sizzle out. If you need a step by step guide to regain the sizzle you once had this is the book for you. Joe shares his 30 years of experience helping couples restore their intimate connection. In this book he will show you how to break the ice and get things heated up in your marriage. Joe is here to help you reach your relationship goals.

"This book has helped us communicate better. We don't get into as many arguments and are better at returning to love each other after disagreements."

Ron and Marge
Joe's Fan Club

"We have been married for 31 years and realized we had gotten into a rut of going through the motions. So we decided to get some outside help for our marriage. Thanks for your wise words in this book. We are putting them to action and have seen a difference in our marriage."

Betsy and Dan
Joe's Fan Club

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