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My name is Joe Follette, Jr. and  I've been helping couples reconnect for over 30 years.

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As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I advise individuals of all ages along with families. My special emphasis has been helping couples turn their marriage around after affairs and other disappointments have threatened to destroy their relationship. You can come see me in my Huntsville Alabama office or take advantage of technology and work with me online. You have no excuse for getting the help you need for your marriage.   MORE About Me

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Many couples ask this question. My answer is always "If you want it to." If you want a better marriage and are willing to put in the work you can have one. Download my book and begin learning today how to improve your marriage.


Couples on the REFRESH path have a great marriage and just want to keep it that way. They know that we all have blind spots and there may be issues they may be unaware of that if left undiscovered may come in between them down the road. They desire continued growth. If you are this couple my Stop Arguing course will give you all the tools you need to keep your marriage strong and infuse in you the mission and skills to help other couples strengthen their marriage.



Couples on the REMODEL path have slipped away from each other. Their marriage lacks the intimacy and closeness they desire. Over time couples can get disconnected. Life happens and they hyper focus on their kids or work becomes all consuming. If you are this couple my Stop Arguing course will help you rekindle the affection you once felt for one another and teach you the skills needed to keep things hot. You will become a great example bringing encouragement to other couples.



Couples on the REVIVE path have a conflicted marriage and may even be struggling to remain committed to each other. Often these couples have experienced some major setbacks like an affair or addiction. If you are this couple my Stop Arguing course along with more intense therapy will help you work through the issues that have divided you and help you find new reasons to stay together forever. Believe it or not your marriage can get better and be a blessing to other couples.


My Mission

Strong marriages create strong communities. Too many communities have been torn apart by crumbling marriages. Our children need both of their parents and a demonstration that marriage works. This will ensure their proper development into healthy adults able to maintain healthy relationships themselves. The more marriages saved the better our world will be. My mission is to train couples how to not only have a great marriage but be able to show others how to do so as well. I think its time for Sizzling Hot Marriage to go viral.


Stop Arguing and Build a Happy Marriage

I've learned what it takes to build happy homes. Take the next 12 months to focus on building a strong foundation for lasting happiness in your marriage. In my program you will get ...


Unraveling the conflict a couple is experiencing can't be accomplished with a one size fits all approach. In this program you will have individual and couple sessions that will allow you to express your frustrations and identify what you need to feel secure and satisfied in your marriage.


After many years of conflict and disappointment in their marriage many couples begin to feel helpless and alone. You are not alone! This program provides the encouragement you need to keep pressing forward as you have fun and learn with other couples seeking to grow their marriage.


Everybody learns differently. This program gives you the opportunity to spend personal time interacting with the lessons so you can grasp the concepts needed to build a happy home. Through reading, watching, writing and doing you will learn how to become a happier you able to contribute to a happier us.


Probably the single most effective aspect of this program

Want a Peaceful Marriage?

This course is guaranteed to transform your marriage.

"This course has forced us to learn to communicate better with one another. It has taught us skills that will sustain our relationship for the long haul!"

Ashley W.
Cohort 2

"I want to have a healthy marriage. I knew where our relationship was going. We both came from divorces...I was terrified that's where we would end up. This course so far has taught me I’m not alone. It’s taught me that loving someone and living together is not easy .. we are so different, but trying and listening to him and putting God in the mix we can do anything!! Every lesson I say omgosh that’s me or that’s us’s like someone knows what we are going through. Joe is such an inspiration to us he says what we can’t voice, doesn’t make us feel like we are weird or crazy, that we are human and we can get past and through things."

Shelly & Barry
Cohort 3

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The longer you wait the longer you have to put up with being dissatisfied and frustrated. The longer you wait the shorter your time to enjoy the love you signed up for. Don't wait any longer.


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